Keep it secure with hinges for server racks

You do use hinges for server racks, right? You aren't no dummy that needlessly risks damage and safety just to save a few bucks, right? It's always easy to make cheapskate decisions that you'll severely regret later, but generally it's also easy to not do that and make sure that the highly expensive equipment you bought for a lot of money are safe and secure, without needing to worry about damage and theft happening to them. Not just for moneys sake, but the sake of keeping whatever you're using the servers for up, be it communication of some kind through a site, videogames, or streaming. Making sure that access to the servers is secure is important and having good hinges for your server racks helps with that and so does a lock obviously. Can't ever be too sure and safe with expensive stuff.

Don't worry, be happy

With some good hinges for server racks, you don't have to worry about the server racks holding said servers up getting damaged and can be kept safe with a latch or fifty. If they go down, there'll likely be a fuzz made from whomever are using the servers, be it players, site visitors or anyone really. Servers going down is the nightmare of many whom take care of servers, for some it's even a competition for who wants to keep servers up as long as possible, going as far as to avoid updating just so they don't have to restart anything and keep it all going.